COMING 25.08.17 / ALL MY FRIENDS (Are Liars)

Have a look see! The official artwork for our upcoming single coming your way in less than two weeks! I'm both excited and terrified as I share this with you all.

We wrestled with the idea of how we would create and record our upcoming tracks, and came to the conclusion that we had nothing to lose by doing everything ourselves. We tracked the drums in a giant 1000+ seater church on the central coast, and did everything else in and out of the different rooms at Nick's house. What was great was that we really got to take our time, play around, make mistakes and learn a lot about who we are as a band through this process. What we've created is more 'us' than anything else we've released. And for the first time in a while I feel nervous as I wear my heart on my sleeve for you all to see.

I'll see you all on 25.08.2017.