IV EP TOUR: Blog #2

Yowzah! So now that the dust has settled and we've finally had the chance to wash our overused and sweat soaked clothes in our mothers front loaders, I believe it is safe to say that for our first ever tour as a band, it's been an awesome one.

First off, just a shout-out to all of the cool people we've met along the way. The bands, Carved Lines Apparel, the sound engineers, the bookers, the bartenders, the waiters, the strangers, the new friends, and the faithful friends that let us crash at their place, and all the folks that came along to support us, or even managed to be at the same place and stayed around to check out our set. This is only the beginning of a long road ahead of us, but I am already so grateful for what we have achieved in 2014. Oh, and THANK YOU to all the people that picked up some merch along the way, you honestly helped us pay for petrol to get from city to city.

We were a bit excited on the first half of our tour, and we kind of "YOLO'd" a lot of our funds away. Don't worry mum, we spent it mostly on take out and ice cream. So by the second half, we were a tad strapped for cash. We agreed to live off a diet purely of canned tuna and rice in order to save money for fuel. It worked. We survived. We made it home. Great success!

On our way down to Melbourne, I managed to pick up a sickness that caused my body to dispel solids + fluids from every orifice of my body. TMI right? Yeah, it was not fun. Being trapped in a 4WD for hours on end, while my body bloated and made me feel like a total wreck. I'm just glad that the worst of it was over by the time we actually played The Brunswick Hotel. There were times where I felt like this was gonna happen:

J-Beibz throwin' up

J-Beibz throwin' up

We spent a lot of our time in Melbourne scoping out different live venues and just chatting with the locals seeing where we'd want to hit up the next time we were in town. By chance, we met Jeff from Dallas Frasca (who we are supporting in December!) and he gave us some rad tips for attacking Melbourne and for feeling it out. I think my favourite part was stumbling upon a pub on the edge of Brunswick, where a Rockabilly cover band was playing to a bunch of aged rock n rollers. Everyone was garbed in the appropriate dress. The women in their poodle skirts, the men with hairdos slick back with pomade. We were totally out of place and it was awesome.

We did a second Newcastle show at The Cambridge Hotel, and that was definitely among my favourite shows on the tour. The stage was bigger than what we were used to, so it was so much fun being able to run and jump without having to be conscious of getting slammed by the boys' guitars, or accidentally tripping on Nick's kit. One thing I love about Newcastle is the fact that there isn't much in Newcastle. There are only a few places to go out, and I got the the vibe that people would rather be out listening to bands they don't know than not be out at all, so if you were there, thanks for sticking around, we hope you feel like you've stumbled upon musical gold.

Our final show for the tour took place in my home town, Penrith at the Tattersalls Hotel. My, my, that was a great night! The folks at Tatts always take care of us, and it's such a good place to play in the West. We met some cool cats from Perth called Amberdown who were touring as well, and we traded stories of venues we've both played at… They were hilariously similar. That was a great show to finish off our tour, to have our friends and family there, some of them having been there from the very beginning, some seeing us for the first time. I had too much fun. And as for that awkward One Direction joke (HUGO)… You had to be there.

So what's gonna happen now? We've got one more show to finish off 2014. And then we're going to lock ourselves away and write some more material. We've got a big vision ahead of us. We've got plans and ideas. Next year is gonna be even bigger.

Peace out holmes!